Tomas Emilio Lovera is a photographer, and creator  based in Miami, currently working at "Moving Forward Studios".  Having worked in 4 countries (Venezuela, United Kingdom, Colombia and United States) and his experience in many audiovisual projects has prepared him quite well for the current labor as a content creator.

He has worked in different areas, cultures and branches, always focused on entertainment projects such as tv shows and series, films, podcasts, webshows, advertising and live events. La Reina del sur, Playing with Fire, Mission Emilio, Cuentame La Vaina, You Cannot Hide, Popeyes, Locked In, Seguros Bolívar, Diario El Nacional, Pepsi Streams, Prochile, Quinto Dia, Oscar de Leon, Emilio Lovera, Laureano Marquez, Jorge Glem are some of the projects, companies and figures with whom he has worked. 


Projects in which he has done an essential role, have been either finalists or  winners in renown audiovisual competitions such as Television Academy - Emmy Awards, New York Festival TV & Film Awards, PRODU Awards and Promax Awards.